I’m a coffee addicted pixel pusher from Dubai who loves visual things and clean design. Beside my passion for design and to create beautiful things, I’m also a big Fitness freak
and a real foodie who loves all of the good things in life.
I’m available for freelance or full time work.

i'm in love with simplicity at its finest

I’m Zain Usmani multidisciplinary designer with 7 years of experience located in Dubai. I design to solve human problems by identifying them, examining alternate solutions to them, choosing and executing the best solution. I'm passionate for technology, music, coffee, traveling and everything visually stimulating. Constantly learning and experiencing new things. Just a peek of who I am.


What I've done the last few years

Paraphrasing Steve Jobs, the only way to be truly satisfied with our lives is to do what we really believe is great work. I take pride in all my projects, big and small, as they have all made me push my limits just a little further and try just a little (and at times even a lot) harder. To do great work I am in continuous search for new challenges and improvement options, and I don’t plan to stop working harder and harder towards perfection.


let's build great stories together.